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GMO Renewable Resources, LLC ("GMORR") recognizes and respects the privacy expectation of each of its customers. GMORR believes that the confidentiality and protection of its customers' non-public personal information is one of its fundamental responsibilities. This means, most importantly, that GMORR does not sell customers' non-public personal information to any third parties. GMORR uses its customers' non-public personal information primarily to complete financial transactions that its customers request or to make its customers aware of other financial products and services offered by a GMORR affiliated company.


GMORR collects non-public personal information about its customers from the following sources:

  • Account Applications and Other Forms, which may include a customer's name and address, social security number or tax identification number, total assets, income, and accounts at other institutions;
  • Account History, which may include information about the transactions and balances in accounts with GMORR; and
  • Correspondence, which may include written, telephonic or electronic communications.


As emphasized above, GMORR does not sell non-public personal information about current or former customers to third parties. Below are the details of circumstances in which GMORR may disclose non-public personal information to third parties:

  • In order to complete certain transactions or account changes that a customer directs, it may be necessary to provide certain non-public personal information about that customer to companies, individuals, or groups that are not affiliated with GMORR. For example, if a customer asks GMORR to transfer assets from another financial institution, GMORR will need to provide certain non-public personal information about that customer to the company to complete the transaction.
  • In order to alert a customer to other financial products and services that a GMORR affiliated company offers, GMORR may share non-public personal information it has about that customer with a GMORR affiliated company. This would include, for example, sharing a customer's non-public personal information with GMO LLC.
  • In certain instances, GMORR may contract with non-affiliated companies to perform services for GMORR. Where necessary, GMORR will disclose non-public personal information it has about its customers to these third parties. In all such cases, GMORR will provide the third party with only the information necessary to carry out its assigned responsibilities and only for that purpose. In addition, GMORR requires these third parties to treat GMORR customers' non-public information with the same high degree of confidentiality that GMORR does.
  • Finally, GMORR will release non-public information about a customer if directed by that customer to do so or if GMORR is authorized by law to do so.


GMORR restricts access to information about customers only to those employees who require that information to provide financial products and services to that customer. GMORR maintains physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal standards to guard its customers' non-public personal information.


As required by federal law, GMORR will notify customers of GMORR's Privacy Policy annually. GMORR reserves the right to modify this policy at any time, but in the event that there is a change, GMORR will promptly inform its customers of that change.

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